listen, the south pacific is calling

.... follow your senses, smell the tiare flowers and vanilla that linger the air, let the sun-soaked lagoon water warm your skin, do surender to the overpowering mountains that soar into the blue-painted skies and savor the flavors of french/Tahitian cuisines. You are in the land of Love, Welcome to TAHITI...where you will find double rainbows and endless waterfalls.

Experience this most unique accommodation everyone is talking about, the Overwater bungalows, where honeymooners find delight in diving from their own balcony, swimming after hours under the moonlight skies while sipping champagne or having breakfast delivered by canoe draped with fragrant tropical flowers.

The unspoiled beaches, shy Tahitian smiles, intimate activities and no crowds, if these are your expectations, you will fall in love with Tahiti and her islands.

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