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5 Unique Adventures in Tahiti

If you are looking for a unique experience while in tropical paradise, you must check out some of the amazing options awaiting you in Tahiti. Whether it be an underwater scooter, a helmet dive or aerobatics, you and your significant other will certainly have a once-in-a-lifetime trip that neither of you will forget.

  1. Underwater Scooter

Picture a scenic scooter ride on the rugged terrain of the islands. Now, double the fun by riding that scooter submerged into the gorgeous turquoise blue waters. Yep, that’s right, ride tandem on an underwater scooter in Bora Bora! Clearly this is a very fun and unique activity that requires absolutely no diving experience.

How is this possible? Well, a hydraulic platform slowly immerses one or two people per scooter into the water for hours of enjoyment. The underwater scooters are propelled by electric motors to a depth of nine feet. Passengers can even talk to each other using a communal dome! Sign us up for this!

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Photo Courtesy of Tahiti Times

  1. Aquascopes

What if there was a cozy space for travelers to easily see the underwater beauty of Tahiti without getting wet? There is with Aquascopes. You may know of them as glass-bottom boats but they are way more than that. These completely panoramic rooms under the bridge of a boat make it possible to discover Tahiti’s underwater majesty without getting wet. It’s like a little submarine underneath the boat!

The small underwater vehicle can transport visitors down 150 feet to get up close and personal with local sea creatures. It’s a unique adventure that will give you an excellent opportunity to take pictures of Tahiti’s surreal aquatic landscapes.


  1. Helmet Diving

Here’s another activity that makes you feel like a dive master without ever taking a lesson! Helmet diving is a unique excursion that takes you 12 feet under the water. You can find this experience on Moorea.

Just pop the helmet on and jump in! Well, there may be a few extra steps involved before jumping in but thankfully helmet diving does not require any prior knowledge of diving or use of the equipment. The helmet is constantly connected to the surface of the water, so guests simply walk on the ocean floor. Helmet divers are accompanied by an instructor but can take their time walking through the water, looking at all the colorful coral, stingrays, and other sea life.

Walk under sea safely

Photo Courtesy of Aquablue Moorea

  1. Aerobatics and Flying Lessons

 Are you in the mood for a major thrill and love flying through the air over a gorgeous blue ocean and lush tropical islands? Then perhaps you’d be interested in taking it up a notch to flight aerobatics. Yes, flying an airplane! You will take off from Tahiti-Faa’a airport with a pilot-instructor, and have the opportunity to improve your flying skills at literally the most gorgeous place in the world to practice! Aerobatics lessons are offered at every experience level from beginner to pilot’s license. If you don’t have hours of flight time as a pilot, don’t worry, request a discovery flight around Tahiti and allow the pilot to fly you around as you gaze at the stunning views out the window.

  1. Tandem Paragliding

This overwater flight is sure to thrill. Take in the Tahitian landscapes, checking out the steep valleys, plateaus, and lagoons, all from the air. Each flier goes tandem with a professional pilot to guide them safely through the air in paradise. It’s an affordable activity for any age and any level of physical fitness. The two-hour activity includes getting to the landing area, finding the right time to take off, flying tandem in the paragliding flight, and landing on a beautiful beach.

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