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6 Must-Have Bora Bora Experiences      


Bora Bora, one of the most incredible islands in the world, is only 18 miles long and it’s a perfect mix of romantic, intimate, and candle-lit peacefulness. Don’t let those words make you think there’s nothing to do though! There are so many unique experiences to be had from water sports and adventures on secluded beaches to great food and relaxation while watching a gorgeous sunset. You’ve never seen anything like it in the world until you visit Bora Bora. Here are just a few of our favorite experiences.

 1. Snorkel with sharks and rays at the Lagoonarium and Coral Gardens

Spy on sharks, turtles, rays, and different kinds of brightly colored fish at the Bora Bora Lagoonarium, a natural aquarium on a tiny island near the main island. Tours go out for a morning, afternoon or all day to experience the beauty of Bora Bora under the water. While you are there, you can literally brush against the marine life and see beautiful coral reefs up close. In addition to snorkeling, tours can also include a canoe tour of the island or a picnic.

The Coral Gardens is another spectacular place to see the beautiful coral reef and colorful fish up close and personal. Not too far from the Lagoonarium, this area is known for its many snorkelers. There’s no shortage of places to interact with the beauty that’s under the water in Bora Bora.

2. Vaitape’s cultural scene

For a break from the beach, take a trip into Bora Bora’s main town of Vaitape to get a sense of the local culture. Here you can shop at boutiques for black pearls and seek out vendors scattered along the street. Vaitape is the area that will get you to the Lagoonarium, so, before or after your snorkel, there’s still a lot to do around the area.  There are some great restaurants to try, like the Bora Bora Yacht Club, where you can dine on the water. We will profile this restaurant in a later blog!

Photo courtesy of Bora Bora Island Guide

3. Awe in the beauty of Mount Otemanu

This beautiful rocky sloped peak is just gorgeous from every angle and must be explored from as many as possible!  From a distance on a lagoon tour, you will get the chance to see it from many different vantage points as you glide along the water. The 2,400 feet high Mount Otemanu can also be hiked. Try to go out on a day with lots of sun versus clouds for the best views.

If hiking is not your thing, there’s also the option of taking a 4×4 tour through the island’s rough interior. A helicopter tour will also give you some amazing views and shots! You can’t go wrong whichever way you gawk over the beauty.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

4. Explore a private island and have a Polynesian picnic on a motu

A most unique activity when visiting Bora Bora is a romantic, tropical, white sand island getaway on a motu. Bora Bora is surrounded by a bunch of tiny islands. These motus or islets are sweet, dreamy white sand paradises.

Many resorts have access to their own private island for allowing couples to book excursions to the island that include a Polynesian picnic. There is time to snorkel, explore the desolate island, check out the flora and fauna, and relax. You may see a coral garden and even a ray in the turquoise lagoon.

Some resorts even set up a romantic meal just for the two of you. Motus and islets come in various sizes but are basically deserted. So, there’s plenty of time for relaxation and a nice, serene tropical setting you will dream about after leaving it

Photo Courtesy of Conrad Bora Bora Nui

5.Laze the day away at Matira Beach

Bora Bora has only one public beach and it is the picturesque Matira Beach. At Matira Beach you will enjoy the white sandy beach sloping into a warm and turquoise lagoon. A perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling. Stay long enough and the western facing beach has gorgeous sunsets.

Here you will find hiking trails and even military landmarks (check out the coastal defense gun installment from Matira Point) before finding the perfect spot to sit down and take in the beauty of the most beautiful beach in the world.

Photo Courtesy of Bora Bora Island Guide

6. Swim with the sharks

While to some it may seem scary, swimming with the black tip reef sharks could be one of the greatest thrills. When conditions are right (read: if terrible weather strikes it’s not the right time to visit these guys) a tour guide with a small boat will take guests out into the abyss of crystal clear blue Pacific water.  These small boats and guides are very well trained to look for the right conditions and also the right spots outside the reef to find the black tip reef sharks.  At times, people have even seen lemon sharks. The visibility will astound you! It’s very deep but, oh so clear.

Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Bora Bora