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Book with Confidence

We booked our trip in January- Pre-CoVid! Leading up to this trip has been a wild ride. We had 4 dates along the way and changes in flights, etc. all the way! I am so thankful I booked with Fiji Vacations because through all the date changes, I only had to mess with our flights to LAX and parking details stateside. The suggestion for where to go and all the amenities was sooo good! Finding out where to go for the proper CoVid test to fly to Tahiti was stressful, but we managed to find a facility in Dallas that went over well. Basically had CoVid never happened—there would be nothing but positive praise! Though the travel is different now with some hoops to jump through, the travel agent responded in timely manner. Answered my questions. Highly reccomend booking through this company!! 🙂