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Anniversary of a Lifetime


Thanks so much for all your help!

This trip really was for both of us all that we hoped it would be.? It truly was a trip of a lifetime!

The staff was very helpful and even did some extra things for us in helping with the renewal ceremony which was greatly appreciated! (video camera, pictures, flower petal bath, etc.)? The ceremony itself was very nice as well.

As?we discussed in our first conversation, my focus was concentrated more on the experience than the cost, and while the cost was certainly more than we ever expected to pay for our anniversary trip, no?price tag could be placed on?the experience we had and the memories we will forever treasure. It is hard for me to put in words and describe to others what this trip meant to me!

Thanks again, so much, for listening to our desires?and making recommendations that fit what we were looking for.?I will not hesitate to recommend your service?in the future.

Maruuruu (I?m hoping I remember that right? Thank you???)

Bob W. , Kentucky