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Tikehau Spotlight: Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort

Set on its own islet called Motu Tiano in the Tikehau atoll amongst the pink sandy beaches you will find the ultra-private Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort. The secluded resort is located on 10-acres amongst wild coconut groves and some of the world?s most stunning beaches.

Tikehau with its coral islets and long oval lagoon is a special place for guests to enjoy and explore. In fact, there?s no other place like it in French Polynesia. In Tuamotu, Tikehau means ?peaceful landing,? and it?s easy to see how it got its name!

Undisturbed, Serene Environment

Guests will find that the two neighboring motu of Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort are completely in their natural state.? Explore these beautiful untouched parts of paradise anytime. You just take a short walk through the shallow turquoise waters of the lagoon to get there. The tiny walk is worth the beauty you?ll find in undisturbed Tikehau.



The low key, refined ambiance of the resort feels very private and personal with options to stay at its? 24 overwater bungalows/suites and 13 beach bungalows. Guests can choose from a beach bungalow or a villa with a pool to a premium overwater bungalow with lots of room. All the bungalows are Polynesian style with niau thatched roofs made from coconut palms, teak, bamboo, and local wood. Overwater bungalows have a lovely glass floor to admire all the fish in the water below and the overwater suites are among the largest in the South Pacific.

?Cuisine & Drinks

The main restaurant on property is the Poreho Restaurant located underneath the very impressive communal space or fare potee. This structure has a beautiful terrace that overlooks the lagoon and a wonderful selection of food to go with the setting. The cuisine that you will find here fuses Polynesian and European culinary dishes together with fresh, local ingredients.

The bar on property, Tianoa Bar, sits between the sandy beach and the infinity pool at the resort. Perfect spot! You?ll find the bar setting is romantic and complete with a full selection of liquor, wine, and beer.

Manea Spa

Come to Manea Spa for serene relaxation and a natural environment to improve your overall well-being. The spa was created based on the ideology of the Taurumi (massage) and ancestral practices and customs. You will find two massages tables facing the beach and a private garden surrounded by coconut trees but in-suite treatments can be arranged also. Natural products and oils are used in all treatments sourced directly from French Polynesia. You may find pineapple from Moorea, Tiare flower from Tahiti, pure white sand from Bora Bora, vanilla from Taha?a, and more.

Low Key Refined Paradise

Activities include diving, snorkeling, visiting bird island, visiting the village, having a private motu picnic, and more. This gorgeous paradise is less than two hours from Papeete. It doesn?t really have a rainy season and you?ll find temperatures around 79 degrees Fahrenheit all year. Booking a vacation at Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort in Tikehau will give you special memories to last a lifetime.